Polish IT company to build a large data center

Image : Shutterstock

Beyond.pl made a deal with Budimex to build a new data center in Poznań. The first stage of the project is valued at over PLN 100 million.

The investment will cover an area of approximately 6,000 sqm. As the area corresponds to the 10 percent of the whole offer available on the Polish market, it will be one of the largest data centers in Poland. The Polish data center market has been growing by 20 percent year by year and the demand is bigger than the supply, “that is why we are establishing another facility,” the firm’s CEO Michał Grzybowski said.

“The new facility will be comparable to the world’s best centers such as SwitchNap in Nevada or the main data center of Facebook in Oregon,”  Grzybowski added.

The project is to be completed through December 2015.

The main shareholder of Beyond.pl’s is Sebastian Kulczyk, a son of Polish billionaire, Jan Kulczyk.

Budimex, the main constructor of the investment has been present in Poland since 1968.


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