Polish national postal operator to dismiss a few thousand people

Image : Wikimedia Commons

Poczta Polska (PP), Poland’s national postal operator will make redundant about a few thousand people, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna reported.

Postmasters around the country received a draft project of employment reductions. What is more, according to a 2015 employment plan discussed with the labor unions, PP is considering to employ just 72,000 people, while there were more than 78,000 people working for the company at the end of 2014.

Over 8,000 employees (more than 10 pct of total employment) are to lose their jobs, the labor unions estimate. The reduction of employment is to be an effect of voluntary redundancy, PP announced.

Moreover, Solidarity does not accept the terms of the new collective agreement including a revised bonus system regarding monthly performance.

If the ongoing talks end with no agreement, the labor unions will start a strike on April 5, the daily informed.

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