Polish president announces a reversal on proposed media changes

Press reports early on Tuesday indicated that the proposed changes to the Media’s access to Poland’s parliament will be scrapped. “Law and Justice (PiS) has abandoned its (media) proposal which triggered the row we saw in Parliament…everything has been reset,” Duda said in an interview with Poland’s TVP public broadcaster. House Speaker Stanisław Karczewski said that the old law regarding access to the main hall of Parliament for reporters would remain, and that a new set of proposals would be introduced by January 6 of 2017.

Nevertheless, a fence was built in front of the entrance to the Parliament in order to keep protesters on the opposite side of the street and to protect police guarding the Parliament, the Polish press reported. A row over the passing of the budget in secret remained, according to the Polish press.

Meanwhile, some members of the Opposition, alternating turns, remained in the main hall of the Parliament, in protest of the ruling Law and Justice proposition. It appeared that the picketing, by Monday, had become established.

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