Polish ‘prince’ will run for mayor of London

Image :facebook.com/JanZylinskiUK

Jan Żyliński, who is best known for challenging UKIP leader Nigel Farage to a duel, announced he will run for mayor of London, bidding for the Conservative party nomination.

“I have a very simple political program. I will develop 4 million apartments within four years, I will plant a million trees, and most importantly, I will pursue to cut urban transport fees by a half,” Żyliński told the Polish Press Agency. To promote his candidacy, Żyliński has embarked on a speaking tour around the United Kingdom.

The election is scheduled for May 2016, but the primary will take place in mid-September. Żyliński may face billionaire Ivan Massow and The Ecologist magazine publisher, Zac Goldsmith.

Jan Żylinski was born in London to Polish parents, in 1951.


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