Polish prosecutors to ask for CIA prisons report

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The prosecutor’s office in Kraków will ask the US for the full version of the Senate’s report on CIA interrogation sites. A redacted version of the report, published on Tuesday, confirmed the existence of the secret prisons, though it did not mention Poland directly.

“We will of course want to get accustomed with the report, we will ask the Americans to send us the original document,” the office’s spokesperson Piotr Kosmaty told TVN24.

The prosecutors in Kraków are carrying out the Polish investigation on the CIA sites said to have been located in Poland.

In reaction to the the publication of the short version of the US Senate’s report, Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said that she expected the prosecutors to decide whether the material was useful.

“I hope that the issue is soon made clear,” Kopacz said.

Aleksander Kwaśniewski, who was Poland’s president at the time of the CIA interrogation sites program, told radio station TOK FM that Poland cooperated with the US, but did not agree to torture.

The report claims that the CIA paid Poland, codenamed “site blue” after it showed doubt about locating the black sites on its territory.

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