Polish salaries may be equal to EU average in 59 years

Image : shutterstock

The average Polish salary has been steadily increasing in recent years, reducing a gap with richer EU countries, Grant Thornton reported. However, it should take 59 more years for Polish earnings to be equal to the EU average, the company estimated.

According to Eurostat data, the average monthly salary of an EU citizen is nearly €2,900 gross. It is almost three times more than the average earnings of a Polish resident, whose monthly salary is about €982.

Grant Thornton experts simulated the process of catching up with richer EU countries by Poland. They assumed that the dynamics of remuneration growth will remain the same as in 2014-2016. According to the report, Poland would catch up with Portugal as soon as in March 2023, while it would take longest – until May 2077 – to catch up with Germany.

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