Polish university files against Google’s patent application

Image : Shutterstock

The Jagiellonian University, one of Poland’s top universities, is demanding that a patent application for ANS coding filed by Google with the US Patent and Trademark Office be withdrawn, Radio ZET informed on Friday. The technology that the IT giant is looking to patent has been developed by the university’s employee, Jarosław Duda, PhD. The solution in question, ANS coding, is used for data compression on computers and other electronic devices. It is currently used in many products developed by Apple, Facebook and Google.

Dr Duda developed the methods a few yars ago and made them available on the internet. He also collaborated with Google on adapting ANS for video file compression. “I’m a scientist and I never patented the method because I believe that such basic concepts should be free and available to everyone,” he told the Polish Press Agency. “The patent application filed in the US contains exactly these concepts that I wrote for them. I did it to ensure practical implementation of the innovation but I never wanted anyone – including Google – to limit the access to the solution by patenting it,” Dr Duda stressed.

The solution developed by Dr Duda was previously the subject of a patent application in the UK in 2016. However, UK’s patent office refused to patent a solution that had been available on the internet for free.

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