Polish video game developer releases its latest hit

Image : Techland

With the Polish gaming industry valued at $279.6 million according to VentureBeat, Wrocław’s game developer company Techland released the highly anticipated game ‘Dying Light’ for the PS4, Xbox One and the PC earlier this week

by Santiago de la Presilla


The release however, sparked more of the ongoing controversy due to a delay announced on the Dying Light official Facebook page that stated:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 18.51.27

As complains started building up (since the digital copy is priced at £55 and €70 for both the PS4 and Xbox One,) pre orders of the physical copy stand at £40 and €70. The price difference seems to be a problem within the UK only. Six days after what some people were calling DelayGate, the game’s official Facebook page released another statement:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 19.15.46

After finally announcing that the rest of the world will get to buy the physical copy on February 27, that ‘one more announcement’ was an apology issued by the development team saying that they would give out their freshly published piece Downloadable Content (DLC) ‘Be the Zombie’ to everybody who buys the game. An additional part of the game that could only be played by consumers who chose to pre order it.

In the midst of all its controversy and criticism, the game seems to be doing okay review-wise. With Metacritic giving it a 73/100and Eurogamer a 7/10. Reviews however, are taking longer than usual since the company decided to give review copies to the critics just 12 hours before the release date, according to famous YouTube commentator and game-critic TotalBiscuit. A decision widely criticized since gamers are more likely to buy the game without a wide range of reviews to look out for.

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