Poll: one third of Poles don’t trust Ewa Kopacz

Image : KPRM/Flickr

President-elect Andrzej Duda and outgoing President Bronisław Komorowski are enjoying the highest trust ratings (56 percent each) among respondents in a recent poll conducted by CBOS, Gazeta Wyborcza reported. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz leads in the lowest trustworthiness ranking.

More respondents said they do not trust Komorowski (26 percent), than  Duda (19 percent). As many as 33 percent of Poles expressed lack of trust towards Ewa Kopacz, however 45 percent of respondents believed she was trustworthy.

About 48 percent of respondents expressed trust in Paweł Kukiz, who received 20 percent of the vote in the presidential election, while the percentage of people who did not trust in him stood at 24.


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