PORR with best offer for new express road

PORR SA’s offer for the design and construction of the S6 expressway section between Bożeczyn Wielki and Luzin has been selected in a tender by GDDKiA. PORR will undertake the construction of approx. 10 km of road for almost PLN 338 million. The company has set a schedule of 31 months for completing the work (excluding winter periods from December 15 to March 15).

This is one of three tenders announced for the sections of the S6 express road, the so-called “Kashubian Route” from Gdynia to Bożegopol Wielki with a total length of about 42 km. In mid-April, GDDKiA announced that Budimex SA won the tender for the construction of an approx. 10 km section of the road from Luzina to Szemud at a cost of PLN 335.8 million. At the end of March, an agreement was signed with Polaqua to build a 20 km section of road from Szemud to Gdynia for approx. PLN 820 million.

PORR SA is a leading company on the general contracting market in Poland.

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