Posnania shopping mall opens with 100,000 sqm of retail space

The Posnania shopping center, a PLN 1.2 billion investment, was opened in Poznan on Wednesday, October 19. Its construction lasted 28 months.

The mall’s 100,000 sqm retail space consists of 40 large and medium-sized shops, 220 smaller shops, and 40 restaurants and cafes, representing 300 local, national, and international brands. Tenants include Carrefour, Sphinx, Leroy Martin, Vistula, Adidas, iSpot, Starbucks, and Helios cinema.

“Posnania has an Interim BREEAM certificate with an assessment of ‘very good,’ indicating the center’s energy efficiency and care for the environment. The construction object was accompanied by modernization of the surrounding streets. The cost of investment in road infrastructure and undeveloped land reached over PLN 100 million,” the shopping center stated in a press release.

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