Premium RE Summit this June in Warsaw


The most important representatives of the real estate sector, property managers, developers, investors, as well as representatives of financial institutions and retail chains are meeting at the Sheraton Hotel during “Premium RE Summit”. The conference is focused on the debate concerning the prospective development directions and challenges faced by companies associated with the commercial and real estate markets. The event will take place on 11 November 2017 at the Sheraton hotel in Warsaw.

Poland is a leader in Central and Southern Europe in terms of the value of real estate transactions, and the Polish market is becoming more and more mature and demanding. The real estate industry is facing challenges related to globalization and digitization. The development of technology affects all markets – commercial, warehouse, and office sectors. The invited experts are going to develop innovative solutions for the industry and show development perspectives in the context of new technologies and global trends. Changes in legal regulations on the real estate market, government programs, introduction of new investment tools, big data, and e-commerce are important problems that are going to be discussed by the speakers during “Premium RE Summit”.

The following guests have been invited to participate in the conference: Grzegorz Furtak – expert on pricing, founder of pricingLAB, Mariusz Rodak – General Manager at BPI Polska, Michał Olszewski – Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, Renata Juszkiewicz – President of the Management Board, Polish Trade and Distribution Organization, Iain Maxwell – Managing Director of Canon Poland, Beata Osiecka – President of the Management Board at Kinnarps Polska, and Katarzyna Zawodna – President of the Management Board at Skanska Commercial Development Europe.

Registration for the event is already open:

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