President and Prime Minister comment on Brexit

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The president of Poland Andrzej Duda has commented on the UK’s decision to leave the EU with the assertion that Poland will work to retain the closest possible economic and political ties with the UK and the European Union.

The EU “needs to do everything to avoid a domino effect,” Duda said. The Brexit referendum result constitutes “a great challenge and a huge question on how to move forward on European issues.”

Duda said that European leaders should analyze what made Britain vote to leave.

“Maybe (the EU) imposes too much on its members, maybe the citizens believe that it does not operate in a democratic way and they have no right to speak on matters important to them, maybe they believe that too many decisions are taken arbitrarily in Brussels,” Duda said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Beata Szydło asserted that Poland will table proposals and reforms for the EU to be stronger.

Poland’s interest will be to avoid “a Europe on the basis of small clubs or groups that unite to their own similar political interests.”

Szydło’s “United Europe of Sovereign States” will be designed “for the EU to be come stronger, to develop and to be an EU which unites its 27 member states.”

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