Presidential candidate loses record deal with Sony Music

Paweł KukizImage :

Polish singer, actor and presidential candidate in the upcoming elections Paweł Kukiz informed that Sony Music Polska has canceled his contract due to his political involvement.

“Although the Borysewicz-Kukiz album is nearly completed, it will not be released,” Kukiz announced on Facebook.

“During a phone conversation, Maciej Kutak, CEO of Sony Music Polska, informed me that due to the presidential campaign the contract with Sony has been terminated,” he added.

According to Kukiz, Kutak argued, that a politician can not be a performer and that it will be a financial disaster for the company, if it is associated with politics.

Sony Music Polska confirmed the termination of the contract. The company highlighted that the promotion of the album would overlap with the presidential campaign, and that would stand in contradiction with Sony’s rule of “not engaging in politics.”

Paweł Kukiz informed last week that he will run for presidential election as a non-partisan candidate.

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