Prime Minister unveils Apartment+ housing program

Image : shutterstock

Prime Minister Beata Szydło announced the housing program Apartment Plus on Friday which enables Poles to rent flats on attractive terms of PLN 10-20 per sqm in a formula leading to ownership.

“The main pillar of the program is the creation of a housing fund. The State Treasury will put state land into the fund and thus apartments built on it will be cheaper,” Szydło said.

The program is dedicated to the middle-classes and low-income earners in every region of the country. “There is no age limit, but of course, there will be many applicants, so we need to set criteria. Preference will be given to large families and income will be taken into account. But it will only decide about waiting times,” Szydło announced.

Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk informed that the program will not draw on budget funds. “The Treasury has assets, land and real-estate.” He said the chancellery of the Prime Minister should receive the project in Q3 2016.

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