Project BMS 2018: the third edition of the conference


On November 7-8, 2018, the third edition of the BMS Project 2018 will take place at Hotel Lamberton in Ołtarzew, near Warsaw. Projekt BMS 2018 continues the idea of integrating the community of suppliers and recipients interested in the development and use of BMS, Smart Building systems and widely understood building automation technology.

The conference takes place in a two-day, closed formula. Representatives of the BMS industry will provide cross-sectional information on trends, technological innovations and sector needs in the field of Smart Building, building automation systems and building management technologies. For the full two days, participants will be given a display section enabling the presentation and testing of equipment and individual consultations.

The topics of this year’s BMS Project will include:

• How to make a pre-war house become a prestigious and luxurious interior where you can do business and office? | Apa Group
• Smart Building – towards modern construction | Wago
• BMS in a small, compact controller | Global Control 5
• Reliability in BMS systems, solutions for building Finder applications.
• The latest trends and solutions in building automation systems – HONEYWELL PARTNER CHANNEL
• Where energy efficiency meets with BMS? | NAPE
• Dashboarding of measurement data – examples of environment configuration and io for expanded objects NUMERON
• Healthy green offices: the impact of building management technology on the quality of the internal environment | PLGBC

On the second day of the event, we invite you to participate in the panel discussion: Artificial intelligence in building applications: energy efficiency, management, security. During the panel we will look for answers to the questions:

• Will artificial intelligence support the optimization of energy consumption?
• Control points in real estate management: how to trust technology deeply?
• What will be the role of Energy Manager in the context of the use of advanced technologies?
• How to use artificial intelligence as a BMS supplement in security situations?

The BMS project is primarily an opportunity to develop, exchange valuable substantive and industry information and establish satisfying business knowledge. Integrated building automation systems BMS is the basis of modern, intelligent and sustainable construction. BMS is a system that fundamentally changes the existing approach to investing and building management. Thus, it significantly changes the profession of the Facility Manager, extends the competences of the installer and designer.

To participate in the event, we invite:

• persons representing companies with the following profiles: integrator, BMS systems installer, general contractor, developer,
• people operating in the area of Facility Management,
• people involved in the decision-making process on the selection and implementation of solutions in the field of intelligent building management systems,

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Date: November 7-8, 2018.
Place: Hotel Lamberton, Ołtarzew, near Warsaw
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