Prosecco – Italian sparkling wine is in!

Tomasz Pawlicki

By Tomasz Pawlicki, Brand Manager of Cin Cin

The history of Prosecco dates back to the nineteenth century when an Italian, Antonio Carmena along with three of his friends opened a company whose aim was to produce champagne called prosecco from a local grape variety. The objective was not realized but the effect of their efforts turned out to be surprising. They obtained sparkling wine that was fully embraced by the local market and quickly became one of the most recognizable wines, not only in the Veneto region, but also throughout Italy. Prosecco – the sparkling wine – once treated as an everyday beverage, associated with Venetian streets and lively trattorias, is gaining wider recognition today in more upscale societies and is served at glamorous parties, fashion shows and exhibitions instead of champagne. The Prosecco consumption trend has thrived recently almost everywhere resulting in higher sales volume than champagne for the last year.

The Italians have ensured a proper recognition of prosecco and its constant high quality. In 2009, prosecco obtained the status of DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) which guarantees the highest quality of wine from the Veneto, Valdobiaddene, Vittorio Veneto and Conegliano regions. With regard to this certificate we are certain that a bottle with a distinctive blue (DOC) like for example Cin&Cin Prosecco or brown (DOCG) label contains the original product of the highest quality. Prosecco is produced from a very late grape harvest named prosecco. The wine is fermented in large, airtight containers where its natural bubbles, so loved by connoisseurs of sparkling wine, are formed. It is said that Italians get their all-day good mood from the prosecco bubbles.

Prosecco can be found in two varieties: frizzante (lightly sparkling) or spumante (strongly sparkling). The sugar content is varied as well: dry (20-35 grams of sugar per liter), extra dry (12-20g / liter) and brut (up to 15 g / liter).

Prosecco is not only an excellent sparkling wine, but also the essence of Italian style and a perfect summer smash hit. Prosecco spumante from the Veneto region, is a sparkling white wine with light straw color, a delicate smell of acacia flowers, citrus fruit, peach, pear and apricot. This perfect combination of delicate sweetness with floral aromas goes well with light dishes, appetizers and desserts. The Italians say that you can drink prosecco both solo as an aperitif or with added fruit juice or liqueur in classic cocktails such as Puccini, Bellini or Veneziano. It tastes best when served at 6-8°C in a classic champagne glass – it is then light, very fruity and refreshing, perfect for fans of the Italian way of life.

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