Prosecutors have devices with tapped conversations

The most recently published tapes feature Roman GiertychImage : Roman Giertych Law Office

Warsaw prosecutors have found the electronic devices that contain leaked recordings linked to the ongoing tape scandal in Polish politics, spokesperson Renata Mazur said at a press conference reported by TVN24.

The devices, seized with the support of the Internal Security Agency and the Central Investigation Bureau, are damaged, the spokesperson added. Four people are seen as suspects of the tapping.

Mazur said that the investigation, launched on June 17, has already generated 10 volumes of documentation. She added that as many as 18 people were granted aggrieved party status, as their conversations might have been illegally recorded.

On Monday, weekly Wprost published a new set of transcripts, this time featuring lawyer and former politician Roman Giertych and two journalists. The recordings suggest Giertych had been trying to blackmail rich Poles.

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