Putin to Poland: ‘grow up’

Image : shutterstock

Russian President Vladimir Putin during his annual meeting with the members of the press, when asked about the Smoleńsk plane crash said it was time for Poland to move beyond the plane crash, turn a new page, and “grow up.”

“If there really was an explosion onboard, where did the plane take off from? Moscow? No, from Warsaw, so if anyone would plant it, it wouldn’t be anyone from Russia,” he said, adding that during the accident he was not a president but a PM, so he wasn’t involved in foreign policy or Russian intelligence.

A Polish Air Force Tu-154 plane crashed near the Russian city of Smolensk on April 10, 2010, killing all 96 people on board, including President Lech Kaczyński.

After the investigation, it was concluded that pilot error and harsh weather conditions were to blame for the accident, while new Law and Justice government ordered a new investigation and claims that the plane was brought down by explosions on board.

Putin’s words enraged, Poland’s Defense Minister, Antoni Macierewicz.

“In the mouth of the leader of a country that is responsible for the Katyń genocide, as well as for the Smolensk tragedy, such words are really shocking,” Antoni Macierewicz said. “President Putin should finally face the truth: two explosions which eventually destroyed the Tu-154 were incontestably identified by official expertise,” he said.

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