PwC: Mobile sector contributes significantly to Polish economy

The combined impact of mobile technologies on the Polish economy comes to 3.2 percent of GDP annually, experts from the consulting firm PwC estimate. According to their report, Poland’s GDP grew PLN 26.5 billion, thanks to mobile telecommunications operators.

The report states that mobile operators intend to spend PLN 23.2 billion in order to give Poles access to modern technologies. This is among the sectors in which the most investment is taking place in Poland. The PwC experts believe that without this investment, the competitiveness of the Polish economy cannot be increased. They also argue that mobile technologies are a key to the country’s sustainable development.

According to PwC’s chief economic adviser Witold Orlowski, mobile technologies are having a growing impact on the economy. “Unfettered communication between people, freer access to information and knowledge, and faster transmission of bigger data packets are the basis for the development of modern industry, logistical, health, and public services, a modern ecological automotive sector, and even entertainment,” Orlowski said.

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