PwC: Polish companies not cyber secure

Only 8 percent of Polish companies are cyber secure, according to a report by PwC consultancy. Moreover, last year, as a result of cyberattacks, 44 percent of Polish enterprises suffered financial losses, while 62 percent reported disruptions and downtime.

“Cybersecurity is not only an IT issue but a serious business risk. CEOs from almost all regions of the world rank it among the 5 most important risks for their company. Only in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, this area is still not a priority. And as we have shown the results of our research for 5 years, we have a lot to catch up with,” said Piotr Urban, a partner at PwC.

The Cybersecurity Index, created by PwC on the basis of a survey of over 100 Polish companies, indicates that only 8 percent of them are fully mature in terms of resilience to cyberthreat, that is, it has the appropriate tools and security systems, a dedicated cybersecurity team, and the budget for security accounts for at least 10 percent of the total IT budget.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace with the development of technology, which on one hand supports business efficiency, facilitates work and contributes to greater integration of enterprises, consumers and international markets, on the other hand, it opens the gateway to the business world for people with dishonest intentions, becoming a source significant losses, both financial and reputation-related: Polish companies spend on average only 3 percent of their total IT budget on cybersecurity, and this is not enough to build effective defense,” added Deputy Director at PwC, Tomasz Sawiak.

The most frequent source of cyber-related incidents is still current employees (33 percent), hackers (28 percent) and former employees (13 percent).

In 21 percent of cases, systems were infected with ransomware, 20 percent of incidents ended with data loss or damage, 11 percent constituted intellectual property theft, and 10 percent customer data leak.

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