Quieting the mobile phone addicts

Newsweek Polska published the results of a survey by SW Research that shows the majority of Poles would like to establish quiet zones in public spaces. PKP Intercity train operator has initiated such a campaign and would like to establish such zones on trains. About 30 percent of the respondents are against such a move.

Mobile phone usage in public places in Poland is often at the cost of the bystander who is an unwilling participant in very private conversations. Due to such cases, the majority of Poles would support an initiative to create quiet zones. Intercity trains would have a few cars that are strictly quiet zones.

Such zones are already in place on Deutsche Bahn trains. Meanwhile, a recent move by a few British rail companies has axed quiet zones due to “problems in mediating between passangers.” Daily Mail interviewees complained that this was a victory for the ‘yobs’ and their poor manners, and would certainly make journeys less pleasant for quiet-seeking travelers.

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