Reforms to Higher Education proceeding as planned – Szydło

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Implementing educational reforms is “the most important task that [Education] Minister Anna Zalewska will carry out this year,” Prime Minister Beata Szydło stated on Wednesday. She was speaking, along with other ministers, including Zalewska and Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin, at a press conference.

Szydło said that discussions during Wednesday’s meeting had covered, among other things, a combination of actions that will be taken in the coming months and years by both ministries – that of Education and also the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The talks focused on “reforming not only Polish [elementary and secondary] schools, but also post-secondary institutions,” according to the prime minister. She said that one of the aims was “to educate young people so that their skills were tailored to […] the economy and the labor market.”

“We talked mostly today about what to do, to education and higher education opportunities for every young Pole, but also [what can be done] to contribute to the development of our country,” Szydło added. She stressed that her review of ministries was being conducted according to schedule. “It is well prepared […], reforms are being implemented in accordance with the schedule, everything is running as it was planned,” the Prime Minister was quoted as saying.

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