Report: 25% of companies will invest in work automation

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As many as 25 percent of companies plan to invest in work automation and replace some of their employees with machines or robots, while 60 percent do not plan such actions, according to the latest Work Service survey. As experts point out, in the coming years’ staff shortages will be covered by foreigners.

Over the next year, 7 percent of companies will invest in automation. Another 5 percent plan to do it in a year or two, while 6 percent plan to do it within 2-5 years. Moreover, 8 percent of companies will do it in the “distant future.”

According to central statistics Office GUS, by 2050, Poland’s population will shrink from 38 million to 34 million, and in some regions, the decline may reach even 30 percent.

“Our research shows that the tendency to invest in work automation is limited, therefore, in a growing economy that generates thousands of new jobs and must deal with declining human resources, effective immigration will play a key role,” Work Service President Maciej Witucki said.

Director of analysis at Work Service Andrzej Kubisiak added that low inclination to invest in work automation may delay the arrival of new trends and technologies on our market. “Currently, we do not have too many examples of replacing human work with solutions based on new technologies, the exception may be self-service checkouts in large-area stores or the displacement of traditional banking outlets through digital banking channels.”

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