Report: 59% of SMEs implemented innovations last year

Image: shutterstock

As many as 59 percent of Polish industrial SMEs have implemented any innovations last year, according to a report published by Siemens. Out of that number, 37.8 percent of implemented innovations were product oriented, while 32.7 percent concerned improving production technologies and logistics. The most popular type of innovations was manufacturing automation using single machines, which was implemented by 48.6 percent SMEs, while another 14.3 percent plan to carry out such solutions this year. Additional 14.3 percent of companies have automated full production processes, while 3.6 percent will implement such fix this year.

The reasons behind innovations include customer demand (77.3 percent) and companies mission and strategy (46.7 percent). Among the respondents, 66 percent claim that innovative solutions improve their products or services, 58.8 percent said that it increases efficiency. Only 13.7 percent of surveyed firms have worked with research centers on implementing innovations.

When it comes to concerns preventing SMEs from implementing new technologies, respondents gave bureaucracy and red tape (33.9 percent), lack of qualified staff (32.3 percent) and the risk of not seeing any returns on investments (31.9 percent) as the main reasons.

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