Research&Innovation Forum

  • Would you like to know the latest trends and new instruments of innovation Policy?
  • Do you wonder how to plan in long term effectively?
  • Don’t you know which methods are most effective?
  • Do you want to choose the most effective tools in cooperation with start-ups, universities or other subjects.

We have created Research&Innovation Forum – the most valuable experience interchange R&D platform in Poland. Join to a group of experts and explore case studies from: IKEA Retail Polska, Samsung Electronic, 3M, Alior Bank, Meble VOX, Maspex, Poczta Polska, Braster. Take part and discuss about latest chalenges and trends with other practicians.

We provide complex and interactive meeting: shared sessions with speakers + exercise sessions in two parallel segments to choose.

In agenda:

  • How Innovative Are You? Learn Creative Thinking and Build Competitive Advantage with Your Product
  • (Re)Innovation and New Innovation Policy Instruments. Learn about the Impact of 2018 Trends on R&D
  • Business Model Innovation: How to Effectively Plan Innovation and the Related Long Term Growth of Business?
  • Bottlenecks and Barriers to New Ideas in Your Organisation
  • Start-up Ecosystem Around Your R&D Department: How Can Your Organisation Use the Creativity of Third Parties?
  • Open Innovation: How to Build Effective Relations in Open Innovation Networks?
  • Waiting for Breakeven or Innovation Project Audit
  • Find the Talent, Build Your Team: How to Effectively Create and Manage an Innovation and R&D Team?
  • Interactive break-up sessions in two parallel segments.
  • Research in progress: Learn to Build Your Products and Services Creatively

15% DISCOUNT FOR WBJ READERS. WRITE „WBJ_15” in registration form.

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