Rising apartment prices along Warsaw’s second subway line

The completion of the central stretch of the second subway line in Warsaw in 2015 has had a major impact on the average price of apartments located within one kilometer of the each of the stretch’s seven stops, according to a recent analysis by urban.one. Over the last five years, the average price of units located near the Świętokrzyska stop went up by as much as 63 percent. Admittedly, the impressive increase was also driven by the completion of two luxury residential towers – Cosmopolitan and Złota 44 – in the area. In the case of the Rondo ONZ, Stadion Narodowy, Rondo Daszyńskiego and Dworzec Wileński stops, the average prices rose by 24 percent, 19 percent, 15 percent and 15 percent respectively. “Time is one of the most valuable assets in Warsaw so good transport links with other districts come at a price,” commented Barbara Bugaj, a senior analyst at urban.one. The average apartment price for entire Warsaw grew by nearly 5% over the last five years, according to urban.one data.

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