Rising demand for Tri-city office space – report

Lease agreements for a total of more than 95,000 sqm of office space have been signed in the Tri-city market since the beginning of 2017, which marks an almost 60-percent increase upon the same period last year, according to the latest report by Cresa. This year’s largest new deals have included the lease by Amazon of 7,100 sqm in Olivia Business Centre and the lease by Swarovski of 6,100 sqm in Yoko. Energa Group renewed its agreement for the lease of 15,100 sqm in Olivia Gate.

“Office tenants have finally come to fully appreciate the Tri-city’s potential. Businesses are attracted to this agglomeration by a combination of factors including [a high] quality of life, further improvements to the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway and a high number of students,” said Michał Rafałowicz, the head of the Cresa office in the region. He added that office properties that are now seeing the strongest tenant interest include Alchemia, Olivia, Garnizon and Neptun.

With its combined office stock standing at 693,000 sqm, the Tri-city is the third largest (after Kraków and Wrocław) regional office market in Poland. A total of 62,500 sqm of office area in six projects has been completed in the agglomeration so far this year. Nearly 135,000 sqm is currently under construction with the Tri-city’s tallest office building – Olivia Star, which will deliver approximately 40,000 sqm – scheduled to be completed before the end of December.

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