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Artur Sulewski, Sales Director, Leaseplan Polska

By Artur Sulewski, Sales Director, Leaseplan Polska

The long-term car lease market has been growing exponentially (10 percent annually) for a long time now. This has been particularly evident during the last year, after the economic slowdown ended, every 5th car in Polish company car fleets is on long-term lease. Full service leasing (FSL) is the most popular form of car leasing, thanks to it being a significant money and time saver. Such services are considerably more popular than standard leasing or purchasing car fleets through loans.
By implementing economies of scale, CFM partner can help optimize car fleet management. The majority of companies, in the current competitive age, need to focus on core operations and are witness to the positives of outsourcing activities such as car fleet management. Having one partner who can oversee this department, releases employees from time-consuming non-core activities.
The alternative to long-term lease is a mid-term lease. This form combines elements of the long-term lease with a more flexible contract. If a company is involved in seasonal activities or operates from contract to contract, the number of employees can change dynamically which means the size of the car fleet also fluctuates. New start-up companies face similar problems, when they grow, so grows the car fleet. Mid-term leases are perfect for fast-growing companies, who have to manage their expenses reasonably.
Mid-term leasing allows entrepreneurs flexibility in their activities, as you can lease a car for a short period. This allows you to either expand or reduce your car fleet in an instant. All cars are insured and come with a service package, just as with vehicles leased long-term. Flexibility and freedom in their business activities is what entrepreneurs are looking for today. u

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