Sejm passes billing and surveillance act

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The Sejm passed a bill on Friday morning amending the way in which public services engage in telecommunications billing and surveillance. The new bill came about as a result of a Supreme Court declaration in 2014 that the previous surveillance bill was partly unconstitutional.

The new measure defines surveillance by public services as: “wiretapping, viewing individuals in buildings, vehicles and places that are not in the public space, monitoring of correspondence (including electronic), control of mail deliveries,  taking data from storage devices, computers and telecommunications devices.” The overall length of these surveillance controls may not be longer than 18 months (counterintelligence forces are exempt from this requirement).

Under the new regulations, district courts will be able to monitor all surveillance actions and initiate controls post factum to ensure their conformance with the law. Authorized officials will transfer all requested documents to the courts every 6 months. In addition, the minister of justice will give a yearly report to the Sejm and Senate on the surveillance actions and the results of the controls.

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