Sejm votes to lift immunity of the head of NIK

Krzysztof KwiatkowskiImage: NIK

The Sejm has voted to waive the immunity of Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, President of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK). A proposal to this effect was submitted to the Sejm by the National Prosecutor’s Office, which wants to file charges against Kwiatkowski for abuse of power in filling positions in NIK. His six-year term as head of NIK began in 2013.

The Sejm voted on two proposals regarding the immunity of Kwiatkowski. The first was submitted by the Łódź police regarding a traffic offense, while the second is a more serious accusation from the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecutor wants to file four charges linked to manipulation of competitions for directors of the NIK offices in Rzeszów and Łódź, and for deputy director of the environmental department at the head office of NIK. However, Kwiatkowski rejects the accusations. “I want to clarify the untrue and unfair charges before an independent court. I never committed any crime,” Kwiatkowski said.

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