Sener Polska mechanism to be part of Mars mission

Sener Polska has designed and manufactured one of the key mechanisms of the Mars rover. The “umbilical cord,” or mechanical-electrical connection between the rover and the lander, was created as part of the ExoMars mission, in which Poland participates as a member of the European Space Agency (ESA), the company has announced.

ExoMars is a two-part space mission whose aim is to search for traces of life on Mars and better preparation for future manned missions. ExoMars is a joint venture of the ESA and its Russian counterpart Roskosmos.

The umbilical cord system designed by Sener consists of a basic and backup power system and can operate in extreme conditions of interplanetary space, characterized by high radiation and temperatures close to the absolute zero.

Sener Polska operates in the aerospace sector. The company has participated in the ExoMars, Proba-3, JUICE missions, as well as the “ESA Incentive Scheme” program, which supports the development of the space industry in Poland.


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