Sfinks looking to grow through takeovers and expand delivery service

Restaurant chain Sfinks Polska intends to increase its number of premises to over 400 and expand the scale of its delivery service, informed CEO Sylwester Cacek.

“We want to focus strongly on delivery in the strategy and on the franchise system, we will look at acquisitions and we want to build their scale,” said Cacek during a press conference.

He stressed that the company is focusing on increasing the number of restaurants and development in the delivery segment. The service is already provided in 23 cities with 46 restaurants belonging to Sfinks Polska. This number is expected to increase to 56 premises in the first half of the year.

Currently, Sfinks Polska manages 176 gastronomic establishments in Poland, including a network of 91 Sphinx restaurants, 67 Piwiarnia pubs, 11 Chłopskie Jadło restaurants, two WOOK restaurants, four Pizza Factory restaurants and the iconic Bolek pub in Warsaw.

In terms of sales volume and the number of restaurants, Sphinx is the largest casual dining network in Poland. Sfinks Polska is also the third largest catering company in Poland in terms of revenues. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2006.

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