Significant changes for entrepreneurs in 2017 – 7th KPMG Tax and Accounting Congress


The 7th KPMG Tax and Accounting Congress took place on 16 January 2017 in Warsaw. Over 950 management executives, in particular financial directors, chief accountants, as well as financial reporting and controlling directors from all industry sectors participated in this year’s edition of the event and its online coverage. The attendees listened to KPMG experts who delivered 11 lectures related to significant changes within the areas of taxes, accounting and law that will considerably affect entrepreneurs in 2017.

The KPMG Tax and Accounting Congress is the largest undertaking of this kind in Poland organized since 2011 by KPMG, a professional services firm providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. During the event issues concerning the present changes in the areas of PIT, VAT, transfer pricing and National Fiscal Administration were presented. Practical questions were raised related to the Standard Audit File for Tax and the new R&D incentive as well as to other business challenges awaiting entrepreneurs in 2017. KPMG experts also focused on the personal data protection reform, presented the advantages of assurance services as well as the new MSSF 15 and MSSF 16 standards and the challenges related to the MSSF 9 standard. Furthermore, they discussed the subject of intellectual property valuation, the topic of restructuring and introduced the challenges faced by the accounting and business services centers in the context of robotization.

As in previous years, a survey concerning the Polish tax system was conducted among the participants of the Congress. Its aim was to discover how management executives from enterprises from different sectors in Poland assess the national tax system. The results will serve as a basis for the preparation of a report entitled “The Polish tax system according to the participants of the 7th KPMG Tax and Accounting Congress” which will have its launch soon.

The 7th KPMG Tax and Accounting Congress was broadcast live online. Almost 300 participants took part in the online transmission. Live online coverage was also provided on the official @KPMGPoland Twitter account at

Detailed information about the event, including the agenda and the presentation of the speakers is available on the website


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