Sikorski: EU foreign policy is “ambiguous”

Image : Flickr/aadamus

In his article for Financial Times,  Poland’s former foreign affairs minister, Radek Sikorski criticized the EU for its “ambiguous” foreign policy, as in his opinion, the largest European states take steps individually and without looking at the bigger picture.

Sikorski blamed Germany and France for acting in their own interest and not letting the EU to be represented by its officers who were delegated to deal with foreign affairs. “Whether on Syria, the Israel-Palestine conflict, Libya or refugees, member states are more visible than the EU, despite the efforts of Federica Mogherini, the foreign policy chief,” Sikorski claimed. “On Ukraine, the EU is not even at the negotiating table. Instead, Germany and France — neither of whom shares a border with Ukraine — have taken it upon themselves to manage Russian aggression, with only partial success,” he added

Sikorski believes that the financial crisis is the cause of such circumstances, as the wealthiest economies are in charge of decision-making process.


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