Solar revolution. Innovative photovoltaic solutions for everyone


Green Genius, a company belonging to Modus Energy, an international renewable energy leader, announces today its first in Europe solar-as-a-service solution, giving Polish people effortless access to cheap and clean solar energy.

SurprisEarn! Lower energy bills with no investment.
Green Genius offer consists of free solar power plant and complete solar-powered electricity service.
How to order? The only thing to do is filling out an order form online Green Genius experts take care of the rest: evaluate the user’s roof capability, prepare project and visualization. They arrange the documents and pay all the necessary fees. Finally, they install a solar power plant and connect it to the network. The whole process including the product is free of charge. Neither initial nor installation fee. Instead, there are immediate benefits: up 15% lower electricity bills practically from the first day of operation, independence of rising electricity prices and membership in the club of clean energy producers.

“Our vision is to bring solar energy to every home. The new Green Genius service is a great example of how everyone today can produce clean electricity from the sun and save money. The installation of a solar power plant has become as simple as introducing the internet, so there’s no longer any reason why not do it” – says Ruslan Sklepovich, member of the board of the group Modus Group, responsible for renewable energy business.

High-tech solution and no formalities.
High quality PV panels, remote monitoring system and professional service are the determinants of the Green Genius offer. The whole solution is based on advanced technologies that enable efficient and fast process management from the moment of receiving the application by starting the installation up to the 24/7 maintenance to guarantee 100% effectiveness of the plant. Potential consumers are not bound by any declarations. After signing the contract, it can be terminated at any time, with 3 months notice, without consequences. During this period the company deals with all formalities including removal of panels within one day on its own expense.

Europe towards the sun
The analysis of the potential of the Polish market has shown the state’s commitment to the development of the renewable energy sector and positive legislation for the investors, which is why Poland along with Lithuania are the first markets where Green Genius introduces its services to the end-consumer.

In Poland, the sun shines for an average of 1,600 hours a year and its irradiance is 1,000 W/m2. Meanwhile, roofs with PV panels are a rare sight in Poland. We have 30,000 PV systems in 5 million homes! This is only 0.6% of the entire potential that Green Genius intends to launch. The Poles and Lithuanians will be the first to experience an innovative, solar-oriented revolution. Soon, the offer will be available to residents of other European countries.



More information on the service and contact details are available at

Modus Energy, the owner of Green Genius, is one of the largest photovoltaic project developers in Europe. In February 2018, the company began construction of 12 solar power plants in Poland for €11 million. This is the first of more than 50 similar projects for a total of €50 million to be implemented by Modus Energy across the country.

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