State treasury debt down 1% m/m in April

Image : Shutterstock

The State Treasury debt decreased by 1 percent m/m in April, to PLN 948.74 billion, in line with earlier forecasts, the Ministry of Finance stated. The decrease in debt was the product of negative net borrowing (a drop of PLN 5.3 billion), including budget surplus of PLN 6.2 billion, a decrease in current accounts of PLN 6.2 billion due to PS0418 bonds redemption, the weakening of the złoty (+PLN 1.4 billion) against the euro (0.3 percent), the dollar (2.1 percent), the yuan (by 1.2 percent) and the strengthening of the Polish currency against the Swiss franc (1.6 percent) and the yen (0.8 percent).

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