Łódź sells city land for record PLN 85 mln

During an auction on Friday, the city of Łódź sold a plot of land in Nowe Centrum Łodzi (NCŁ) for PLN 85.2 million. This is the biggest land sale in the city’s history. The new owner of the property will be the Ghelamco company, the Łódź magistrate informed PAP.

Finance Ministry to issue PLN 3-6 bln bonds

The Ministry of Finance has announced that it will offer wholesale bonds at an auction on Thursday. They are from the OK1018 and DS0727 series (maturing in 2018 and 2017 respectively) and have a total value of PLN 3-6 billion.

Locked content MF sells bonds worth PLN 4.2 bln

The Ministry of Finance sold PLN 4.19 billion of 2024-2028 treasury bonds at an auction, the ministry informed on Thursday. The demand was valued at PLN 9.42 billion in total. The ministry sold WZO124 bonds with maturity in January 2024 worth PLN 2.06 bln. The minimum price amounted to PLN 975.40. A...