Locked content Beer and wine production to drop in 2017 – report

Beer production in Poland will fall by 2.2 percent this year and will amount to 40.5 million hectoliters – according to the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics (IERiGŻ) report. The Institute forecasts that foreign trade deficit of alcoholic products will reach €327 million. “Bas...
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Beer production up by 14% 

Beer production in Poland increased by 14 percent over the past ten years, with 42 million hectoliters produced in 2016, compared to 37 million hectoliters in 2007, according to the Central Statistical Office report. At the same time, the lowest level of production was recorded in 2009, when it amou...
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Żywiec H1 profit inches up

WSE-listed beer producer Żywiec, subsidiary of Heineken, had a PLN 134.8million net profit in H1, up by 3.7 percent y/y. Revenues amounted to PLN 1.13 billion, down by 10.4 percent y/y. In the first six months of the year, Żywiec sold 5.6 million hectoliters of beer, compared to 5.8 million last yea...

Locked content Polish beer a new export hit in Europe – GUS

Products originating from Polish breweries have dethroned vodka, which had been Poland’s biggest export, the daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna reported. Last year, €170.6 million worth of beer was exported from Polish breweries. This is 19.8 percent more than in the preceding year, according to dat...
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First international beer brewing doctorate launched in Kraków

Eight doctoral students representing universities from across Europe will take part in the first international doctoral studies on brewing and malting. They will gain specialized knowledge in universities, breweries, and other firms in the brewery sector. The project was inaugurated on Tuesday in Kr...

Locked content Beer was the most popular food product in 2014

Poles spent as much as PLN 14.5 billion on beer in the period between December 2013 and November 2014, according to a report by market research company Nielsen. Beer tops the ranking of the most popular food products, followed by vodka, with PLN 10.3 billion in sales. “Beer and vodka are so popular ...
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Poles spent PLN 19.3 billion on beer in 2013 – KPMG

As many as 88 percent of adult Poles consumed beer in 2013, while 22.8 million people (73 percent of the adult population) drank the beverage regularly or at least several times during the year. In 2013, Poles purchased 3.82 billion liters of beer for a total of PLN 19.3 billion.
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Poles spent PLN 41.1 bln on alcohol in 2013

According to the report by KPMG consultancy, Poles bought PLN 41.1. billion worth of alcohol products last year. Most of this was spent on beer (47 percent) and vodka (30.7 percent). Out of that figure, 31 percent was spent on so-called “premium products”, while 26 percent on economy brands.