Average Pole to spend PLN 882 on Christmas – report

This year Poles intend to spend PLN 882 on average on gifts, food, and meetings with their close ones on Christmas, which is 2 percent more than last year, according to a study by consulting firm Deloitte. It was added that we would like to spend more on gifts than on food. Last year, Poles declared...

Locked content Poles will spend more on Christmas gifts this year – Deloitte

Research conducted by consulting firm Deloitte indicated that shoppers in Poland are set to spend not only more on gifts during this year’s Holiday season, but also more on food and socializing, a report in the Polish press said on Thursday. The results of the research, according to Deloitte, indica...

Locked content Poles to spend more at Christmas – report

Polish households are going to commit more money for Christmas gifts and supplies, according to a report complied by Deloitte consulting company. On average, a Polish family is planning to spend PLN 1,282 for shopping and meetings related to the upcoming Christmas season, 11 percent more than last y...

Poles to spend PLN 30 bln during winter season

Poles will spend PLN 29.9 billion on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and on vacation during the winter break, some 7 percent more than in the 2013/2014 season, according to consultancy KPMG. The sum corresponds to an average spending of PLN 1,031 per household, versus PLN 979 last year.

Deloitte: Poles will spend more at Christmas time

The average Polish family will spend PLN 1,160 during the Christmas season, said a Deloitte press release. This is a 13 percent increase from a year ago. It is one of the highest increases in seasonal spending in Europe.