Locked content Farmers’ debt above PLN 412 mln

The debt in the agricultural sector amounts to PLN 412.5 million, according to KRD Economic Information Bureau. The average debt of a farmer is PLN 49,000. The major part of the debt, in the amount of PLN 266 million, comes from liabilities to banks, debt collection companies, and securitization fun...

Locked content Grupa Lotos Q2 net profit jumps to PLN 534.9 mln

Fuel giant Grupa Lotos Q2 net profit grew to PLN 534.9 million from PLN 157.4 million a year ago. Operating profit was PLN 897.9 million versus PLN 172.9 million y/y. EBITDA stood at PLN 1.08 billion versus PLN 383.6 million y/y. Consolidated revenue rose to PLN 7.53 billion from PLN 5.45 billion in...

Locked content WSE-listed companies with PLN 37.9 mln debt – raport

As many as 57 domestic companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange have debts listed in the National Debt Register (KRD) of the Economic Information Bureau worth PLN 38 million, the KRD said. “The current indebtedness of listed companies is the highest in the almost three-year history of the study...

Number of indebted millennials in Poland grew by 15%

The number of young debtors in Poland grew by 15 percent during the year.  About 154,500 millennials (aged 18-24) have problems with paying credits and bills. In total their debt amounts to about PLN 872 million,  BIG InfoMonitor and BIK reported.

Locked content BIG Infomonitor: Poles’ debt grew by PLN 10.8 billion in 2017

Poles’ overdue debt amounted to PLN 64.5 billion last year, an increase by PLN 10.8 billion compared with the end-2016, according to an InfoDług report published by BIG Infomonitor. The number of unreliable debtors increased by 193k to over 2.5 million people. The average unpaid debt is worth PLN 25...

BIK: Seniors have nearly PLN 10k in debt on average

The average debt of a person over 65 years-old is PLN 9,936, according to the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). In value terms, seniors have the most consumption loans (PLN 18.9 billion), followed by mortgages (PLN 6.6 billion), credit cards (PLN 1.1 billion), and debit limits (PLN 0.9 billion).

MF sells PLN 4 bln worth of bonds. Debt needs financed at 95.5%

The Ministry of Finance sold PLN 4 billion worth of bonds on auction. The five series will mature in 2020, 2022,2023, 2027, and 2028. Investor interest was at PLN 13.8 billion. According to the ministry after this bond issue, this year’s budget debt plan has been financed at 95.5 percent.

Locked content 1.8 million Poles with default debt

In October, 1.8 million Poles were in default with 3 million debt payments, valued in total at PLN 25 billion, according to economic information bureau ERIF BIG. The value of default debt increased by PLN 1.4 billion since the beginning of 2017. Men account for the majority of default debt, they hav...

Construction firms with increasing debt – report

Construction firms had a total of PLN 2.21 billion in August 2017, which continues to increase, according to a report prepared by the National Debt Registry (KDR). The majority of the debt is a few years old, mainly arising from unpaid loans and leasing deals.