GUS: average salary and employment inched up

In October, average monthly gross salaries in the Polish business sector increased by 3.3 percent on a yearly basis and employment grew by 1.1 percent y/y, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) announced.

Locked content Bosch&Siemens to create 500 jobs in Łódź

Around 500 jobs will be created at the BSH Bosch&Siemens’ factories in Łodź. “We are expanding our company systematically. BSH has created 3,000 jobs in Poland, 2,100 of which are in Łódź. Our three most important factories are located in Łódź. In the near future we will be hiring a ...

NBP: Firms plan to hire more workers

In a survey carried out in September by the central bank, nearly all of the 1,691 companies, bar those that are state-owned, said that they plan to increase employment.

Locked content Skanska plans to hire

In the first half of the year, Skanska employed 570 new workers and an additional 400 people will find employment with the company by the end of the year. The increase in employment results from the company’s dynamic development. Currently, some 7,700 people work at Skanska. The biggest employ...

Locked content 19% of Poles fear job losses

Recent research by Work Service shows that 19 percent of Poles are afraid of losing their jobs. According to experts this problem is partly due to the lack of mobility of Polish employees, in other words the lack of incentive to move from place to place for work. Unemployment in eastern regions is h...

Poles – the third most stressed European nation

According to the OECD study, as much as 53,2 percent of Poles are stressed at work. Placing them third right after Turkey (67,5 percent) and Greece (58 percent). The least stressed nations are Sweden with a result of only 14,7 percent and Norway with 18,2 percent.

Locked content 14.7% of companies have hiring plans

According to a report by employment agency Work Service, the share of Polish companies planning to increase their workforce grew to 14.7 percent in July from 12.4 percent in January. “An overall positive economic situation is the reason why 77 percent of entrepreneurs said that they will maint...

Locked content Poland increasingly willing to employ foreigners

Polish firms will increasingly hire foreign workers. According to a report compiled by Work Service, 12 percent of them plan to employ immigrants in the next 12 months, whereas now 7 percent admit to have foreigners working for them. Employers do not show any reluctance towards different cultures, r...

Locked content Amazon spent over PLN 1 bln in Poland

Within 36 months, Amazon has invested PLN 1.4 billion in buildings and equipment  in Poland, Rzeczpospolita daily reported. Roy Perticucci, Vice President for EU Operations at Amazon told the daily that the company is going to create more permanent jobs, currently it employs this way 3,000 people at...

More Polish firms want to hire foreigners

According to a report conducted by Work Service, 12 percent of Polish firms plan to hire foreigners in the next year. Although it is not much, it is still a progress, as now only about 7 percent of them employ non-natives, ISBnews reports.