Locked content More than €196 million from EU to investments in Poznań

More than €196 million is the cost of implementing 12 projects under the Integrated Territorial Investments programme (Zintegrowane Inwestycje Terytorialne, ZIT) in the Poznań area. The main scheme is a system of interchanges, integrated around Poznań Metropolitan Railway. The projects amount to mor...

Tusk tables proposal for Cameron

European Council President Donald Tusk has presented  British PM David Cameron with a draft deal regarding the UK’s reformed membership in the EU. It met with Cameron’s approval.

Locked content Poland for securing UE borders

Poland is in favor of strenghtening the external borders of the European Union, new internal affairs minister Mariusz Błaszczak said in Brussels, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) reported. Minister Błaszczak arrived in Brussels to attend a supplementary meeting of EU internal affairs ministers to discu...

Poland to donate €1 mln to African countries

Poland will contribute €1 million to a €1 .878 billion trust fund which is to be donated by EU members to African countries to support development and halt immigration to the EU, the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs reported.

Locked content Czech PM to represent Poland at EU summit in Malta

The head of the Czech government, Bohuslav Sobotka is to act as an envoy on behalf of the Polish leadership at the EU’s immigration summit in Malta on Thursday, November 12, the PM tweeted. “I have asked the Prime Minister of the Czech  Republic to represent us [Poland] at the summit in ...

Poland joins the superleague

Janusz Lewandowski, Chairman of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister of Poland talks with WBJ Observer about not buying into pessimistic views regarding the future of the market economy in democratic countries

Locked content Polish poultry export outside EU increases by 41%

Around 80 percent of Polish poultry is exported to European countries. However this market has become saturated. Therefore poultry producers have had to look further afield and export more outside the EU. They have already been very successful. In the first half of 2015 the export of poultry to outs...

Locked content Over PLN 335 bln spent on EU programs in Poland

In the years 2003 to 2007,  PLN 355,9 billion – of which PLN 252,2 billion was EU financing  – was spent on implementing EU programs in Poland,  the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development informed. Also during this time 106,300 new EU support agreements were signed worth PLN 409 bill...

Locked content Idea Bank becomes national financial intermediary

Polish commercial lender Idea Bank has won the international competition to become the first national financial intermediary in the framework of the Horizon 2020 program. Nearly PLN 100 million of funding will be available for small and medium firms as well as for the so called midcaps with employme...

EU: no immigration quotas will be imposed

At yesterday’s summit, EU members agreed to relocate thousands of asylum seekers from Africa and Syria, but rejected implementation of mandatory quotas, thus each state will voluntarily accept the number of immigrants it offers. Poland was among those countries who opposed imposing quotas.