Trade deficit reached €5.1 in 2018 – GUS

In 2018, Poland exported €221 billion worth of goods and services (7 percent y/y growth), while imports amounted to €226.1 billion (up by 9.9 percent), according to data from the Central Statistics Office (GUS). This means that the trade deficit reached €5.1 billion. In 2017, Poland had €0.5 billion...

Exports up 2% y/y in December – KIG

Exports from Poland increased by 2 percent y/y and dropped by 20.3 percent m/m in December, chief economist of the National Commerce Chamber (KIG) Piotr Soroczyński stated in a report. The value of goods and services sold stood at an estimated €15.96 billion.

Locked content Poland exports over 80% of its beef products

Poland exports over 80 percent of the beef produced in the country. Its export is crucial for the profitability of this production, said the President of the Polish Association of Beef Producers, Jerzy Wierzbicki. According to the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Food Economy, in 2017, the ex...

Poland raises foreign trade forecasts

The ministry of entrepreneurship and technology has raised its exports growth forecast to 6.2 percent and imports to 8.7 percent. This means, that Polish companies will sell goods and services worth €219.5 billion abroad this year and import €224 billion worth of products.

Locked content Hard Brexit could impact Polish automotive sector 

Poland is the fifth most important automotive trade partner for the UK, and the potential hard Brexit will hit the British, EU and Polish automotive sectors. The British will lose trusted and competitively priced parts suppliers (78 percent comes from EU imports), and production plants in Poland wil...

Poland 9th in global honey production

Poland ranks 9th in terms of global honey production. The country is 8th among global honey importers and at the same time 13th place in the list of exporters of the product. This is according to BGŻ BNP Paribas analysis.

Locked content Exports up 7.8% y/y in June – KIG

Exports from Poland increased by 7.8 percent y/y and by 3.6 percent m/m, chief economist of the National Commerce Chamber (KIG) Piotr Soroczyński stated in a report. In June exports stood at an estimated €17.873 billion. He added that the value of exports in July may turn out lower than that recorde...