Employment and wages grow in August – GUS

According to data released by the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS), the average employment in companies in August grew by 3.4 percent year-on-year, while the wages grew by 6.8 percent y/y. In month-to-month terms, employment remained unchanged, while salaries decreased by 0.6 percent. The ave...

Housing permits up in August – GUS

In August, the number of dwellings on which construction has started increased by 12.2 percent y/y to 21,929, according to data released by the Central Statistics Office (GUS), in m/m terms it grew by 16 percent. Moreover, the number of dwellings completed increased by 15.2 percent y/y to 16,593.

HICP inflation in Poland at 1.4% y/y in August 

Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) inflation in Poland amounted to 1.4 percent y/y in August 2018 against 1.4 percent y/y inflation a month earlier, the EU statistical office Eurostat has provided. On a monthly basis, the index fell by 0.2 percent.

Locked content CPI inflation in September seen at 1.9% y/y – MPiT

Consumer price index (CPI) inflation in September is expected at 1.9 percent y/y and 0.2 percent m/m, the analysts of Ministry of Enterprise and Technology estimated in a comment to the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) data. On Thursday GUS reported that consumer inflation in August amounted ...

Job vacancies up by 8.1% q/q in Q2

The number of job vacancies in the second quarter increased by 8.1 percent on the last quarter and 35 percent y/y, according to Central Statistics Office (GUS) data.

Locked content Strong alcochol consumption grew in 2017

Consumption of vodkas, liqueurs and other spirits grew in Poland to 3.3 liters per person, while in 2015 it was 2.5 liters, Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. Consumption of wine and mead in the same period fell to 6.1 liters per person from 8.6 liters. In 2017 an average Pole drank 9...

Locked content GDP growth seen at about 5% in 2018

In Q2 GDP growth stood at 5.1 percent y/y, in line with estimates published in August, Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. Domestic consumption remains the main driver of the Polish economy, while investment recovery is still limited, analysts said. Most analysts expect a slight slowdo...

Locked content Unemployment in July down 10.2% y/y – GUS

The number of newly registered unemployed in July fell by 10.2 percent to about 137,800 y/y, according to the Central Statistical Office (GUS). At the same time, this number grew by 14.1 percent in comparison to June. The number of job offers submitted in July was about 130,400, down by 4.8 percent ...

Locked content Enterprises financial result down 6.7% in H1 – GUS

Non-financial enterprises in Poland had PLN 62.4 billion combined net financial result in H1, a decrease of 6.7 percent versus a year ago, Poland’s Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. Net profit amounted to PLN 76.4 billion down 2.3 percent y/y. Net loss widened by 23.8 percent and stood at P...

Prices of agricultural products up by 1.5% in July

Purchase prices of basic agricultural products, i.e. wheat, rye, beef, pork, poultry and milk increase by 1.5 percent in July 2018, compared to June. But in comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year, they fell by 3.3 percent, the national statistics office (GUS) said on Tuesday.