PwC: Polish companies not cyber secure

Only 8 percent of Polish companies are cyber secure, according to a report by PwC consultancy. Moreover, last year, as a result of cyberattacks, 44 percent of Polish enterprises suffered financial losses, while 62 percent reported disruptions and downtime.
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Know thy client

The scenario where you get an ad on your mobile, research the brand online and then buy the shoes at the mall is becoming increasingly common. Omnichannel is more than something to just make shopping easier and more fun. Collecting as much information about your client as possible and combining diff...
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Scouring the web

100 milliseconds is not a lot of time, yet that is how long an auction for an advertising spot takes. With big data analytics, advertisers no longer have to choose randomly which spots to bid for. And as many examples show, intuition can be flawed: if you want to sell men’s deodorant, don’t advertis...
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How to milk the Big Data cow?

Every marketer wishes they knew more about their clients. Data analytics in marketing is no longer just an added value or competitive advantage. It is becoming a do-or-die thing for all B2C companies in all of their marketing efforts. What are the current trends in monetizing big data?
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Giants join the omnichannel race

The Polish e-commerce market has been growing at double-digit pace for years and the number of online shoppers is growing steadily. Some of Poland’s top retailers, who have thus far not been able to reap the benefits of the digital channel, are quickly making up for lost time. Fashion retailer LPP a...

Locked content Comarch with cheapest offer in tender for ZUS IT systems

Software company Comarch has made the cheapest offer in the tender for the maintenance of ZUS IT systems with a bid of PLN 242 million. There were two other bids – one from Asseco at PLN 374 million and finally Atos at PLN 431 million. The budget for the work is PLN 374 million. ZUS’s…

Locked content Mariusz Nowak appointed President of Sygnity

The Supervisory Board of Sygnity has appointed Mariusz Nowak as acting President until a permanent appointment can be made. Furthermore, Piotr Wierzbicki has been made a member of the Financial Management Board, the company said. Mariusz Nowak has more than 15 years of professional experience workin...
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There’s always room for more tech in finance

In Poland, it is banks, not just start-ups that spearhead the FinTech revolution. They have strived to remain at the cutting edge for two decades now. With the introduction of the PSD2 directive, they may face some competition from start-ups, but some are already prepared for the changes and others ...
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Where is Poland’s Silicon Valley?

A software engineer comes up with a tech idea and develops it into a business. He/she makes a proof of concept, assembles a team with the necessary skillset and together they work towards monetizing the idea. They find a VC willing to provide them with financing, validate their prototype and then go...