Locked content ZUS: Ukrainians paying social insurance reach 345k in Q1

As many as 345k Ukrainians paid social security ZUS premiums at and-Q1, according to the social security board. It is a 29k q/q increase and 117k y/y growth. Out of that number, 182k Ukrainian nationals were employed with labor-law contracts which is a nearly 20k q/q growth and 65k y/y rise….

Locked content EC report: Poland’s labor market strongest ever

Poland’s labor market situation is the best in its recent history, public debt will continue to decrease (to 49.1 percent of GDP in 2019) and budget deficit should stabilize at 1.4 percent of GDP next year, according to the recently publish report prepared by the European Commission for 27 EU countr...

Locked content Poles want to work in Germany, the Netherlands – report

Poles are most willing to work in the euro zone countries, such as Germany (31.4 percent) and the Netherlands (15 percent), according to a recent report by HR consultancy Work Service. Moreover, if Poland were to adopt the euro it would be an incentive to travel abroad for work for over 1/3 of emplo...

Locked content New initiative to employ Ukrainians legally inaugurated

A new campaign aimed at ensuring fair and transparent employment for Ukrainian workers called “Partnership and employment” was inaugurated during the Baltic Business Forum in Świnoujście on April 20. Both Polish and Ukrainian employers’ organizations and employment agencies have joined the initiativ...

Employment and wages grow in February – GUS

According to data released by the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS), the average employment in companies in February grew by 3.7 percent year-on-year, while the wages grew by 6.8 percent. In month-to-month terms, employment grew by 0.2 percent, while salaries increased by 0.2 percent as well.

Vacancies drop in Q4 – GUS

There were 117,816 vacancies in Poland at end-Q4, compared to 77,975 in the corresponding period in 2016, the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported.

Locked content Poland 9th in the Women in Work Index

Poland has kept its ninth place in the latest Women in Work Index report compiled by PwC consultancy. “Since 2000, when the first ranking was created, Poland has advanced by 10 places which is one of the best results in the entire OECD, except for Luxembourg and Israel. We have reduced the differenc...