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Companies face more recruitment issues – report

According to a report published by HR consultancy Work Service, the number of companies that have trouble filling vacancies has increased by 18 percentage points last year. Currently, every other company is facing such difficulties.

Poles work 41.2 hours per week – Eurostat

On average, a full-time European employee works 40.3 hours a week, according to data released by the EU statistical office Eurostat. People work the longest in the UK (42.3 hours), while Denmark had the shortest (37.8 hours), Poland with 41.2 hours was fifth.

Locked content Consultations on employer-sponsored PPK pension plans soon

Poland is finishing works on the draft bill on the employer-sponsored pension plans PPK and will launch consultations on it soon, the Ministry of Finance said. The new program seeks to have firms and employees put a total of 3.5 percent of gross wages into privately managed Employee Pension Plans (P...
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Report: 25% of companies will invest in work automation

As many as 25 percent of companies plan to invest in work automation and replace some of their employees with machines or robots, while 60 percent do not plan such actions, according to the latest Work Service survey. As experts point out, in the coming years’ staff shortages will be covered b...

Locked content Labor ministry: wage gap in Poland at PLN 700

The wage gap in Poland ranges from 7- 18.5 percent according to various calculations, the Ministry of Labor said. These figures translate to some PLN 700 difference in monthly pay for men and women in Poland. “Statistically, a woman, doing the same or comparable work as a man, earns less. According ...

Locked content GUS: 1.5 mln Poles with minimum wage in 2016

According to data released by the Central Statistics Office GUS, in 2016, as many as 1.46 million Poles received minimum wage (set then at PLN 1,850 gross), which is about 13 percent of all people employed under a contract. The biggest number of them worked in trade, car repair, hospitality, and cat...

Challenges vs. opportunities

With historically low unemployment, employers are hard pressed to find the talent they need. Not only do they have to use innovative candidate-sourcing techniques, but they should also pay more attention to employer branding and increasing employee loyalty. Which industries are facing the biggest ta...
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Companies looking for 50+ employees – Work Service

Nearly 23 percent of companies employ people over 50 years of age and have plans to increase employment in that age group within the next 12 months, according to a survey conducted by Work Service. Meanwhile 3.8 percent of companies don’t have people over 50 on their payroll but are planning on hiri...