NBP increases gold reserves to record level

Central Bank NBP increased its reserves in gold to the highest level in at least 35 years, data from the International Monetary Fund showed. They grew from 4.4 metric tons in August to some 117 tons in September, which according to the fund is the highest growth since January 1983.

Locked content Banking sector profit inches up in August – NBP

Poland’s banking sector recorded an aggregated net profit of PLN 1.31 billion in  August, according to data from Poland’s Central Bank (NBP), representing a 1.9 percent growth m/m. At end-August, the sector had PLN 10.43 billion net profit, the y/y change is not available due to a change in methodol...

Locked content Foreign investments fell by 56% in 2017 – NBP

The inflow of foreign direct net investments in 2017 fell by 56 percent y/y to PLN 34.7 billion, according to final data of Poland’s Central Bank (NBP).  Most investments came from Germany (PLN 12.8 billion), Luxembourg (PLN 12.4 billion) and Cyprus (PLN 5.5 billion). The largest withdrawals o...

Locked content Banking sector 7-month net profit at PLN 9.12 bln

In January-July the banking sector recorded net profit of PLN 9.12 billion, the National Bank of Poland (NBP) reported. Net interest income in the same period amounted to PLN 26.27 billion. In July net profit stood at PLN 1.29 billion, showing a decline of 7.5 percent compared to June. Net interest ...

NBP keeps inflation target at 2.5% +/- 1 p.p.

National Bank of Poland (NBP) plans to keep inflation target at 2.5 percent with a deviation range of 1 percentage point, according to assumptions of monetary policy for 2019. Escalation of global trade disputes is the main risk factor for the Polish economy, NBP stated.

Locked content NBP: enterprises’ situation good, but forecasts worsen

The overall situation of companies in Q2 2018 remained good, but forecasts for the coming quarters have deteriorated, mainly due to rising costs, according to a study performed by NBP. Entrepreneurs are pointing to strong pressure on wages in Q3, however, it should not increase further. “Demand fore...

NBP: loans and mortgages up in June

The value of consumer credits grew by 0.7 percent or PLN 1.3 billion in June month-on-month and reached PLN 182.6 billion, Poland’s Central Bank (NBP) announced.

Base inflation at 0.6% in June – NBP

Poland’s base inflation (excluding food and energy prices) amounted to 0.6 percent in June, compared with 0.5 percent the month before, according to data released by Poland’s Central Bank NBP.