Locked content Poland to launch tender on technology for nuclear plant next year

The Polish government wants to launch the tender on technology for its planned nuclear plant early next year, according to the Energy Ministry. “The Energy Ministry estimates that a tender for selecting technology will be launched in early 2018 at the latest,” the office said in an answer to an MP i...
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Tchórzewski: Poland needs a three-block nuclear plant

In order to meet EU’s clean energy criteria, Poland needs to build a three block nuclear plant, Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski said. “We need to find a solution that will enable Poland to reach the maximum CO2 emission limit of 550 g per kWh. We want to achieve it by 2050, cutting energy prod...

Locked content Poland wants to have 4.5 GW of nuclear capacity by 2040

According to the Minister of Energy, Krzysztof Tchórzewski, Poland wants to have 4.5 GW nuclear power capacity by 2040. He added that Warsaw should be able to finance the construction itself, but the technology will be purchased in the tender, “the choice of equipment will be such as to guarantee th...

Locked content Tchórzewski: Poland needs nuclear power plant

Poland needs a nuclear power plant in order to reduce CO2 emissions in its energy mix and has to take appropriate steps in the near future, Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski said in an interview with state broadcaster TVP Info. “In the nearest realistic future we will be building a nuclear plant...

Locked content Energy Ministry mulling nuclear power technology tender

The Ministry of Energy is considering organizing a tender for the nuclear power technology that Poland may adopt, Deputy Minister Andrzej Piotrowski said at a press conference. The tender could be held in 2017. “We are working on preparing a tender for the technology, and we are working on a mechani...

Locked content President visits Nuclear Research Center

In the midst of a three-day trip to Switzerland, Polish President Andrzej Duda visited the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on Tuesday. He indicated that Poland was actively involved in collaborating with the scientific research performed at the center. Andrzej Siemko, a physicist f...
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Energy policy project for 35 years

The Polish Ministry of Economy published an energy policy project, to be consulted, that would last until 2050. This document introduces a gradual reduction of hard coal in the Polish energy mix.  In 2050, it is supposed to provide 28 percent of the country’s power demand.
Image : shutterstock Nuclear power plant in Temelin, Czech Republic

Poland’s nuclear power plant project delayed

Construction of the nuclear power plant in Poland will be delayed for few months due to PGE EJ1, a PGE subsidiary responsible for the project, cancelling the contract with Australian WorleyPearsons which has been doing environmental and location research for the power plant, Rzeczpospolita reported.
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Majority of Poles positive about nuclear plant

The number of Poles accepting the construction of a nuclear plant in the country amounts to 64 percent, while 25 percent are against it, the IAR press agency reports. The survey was conducted by the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM).