Locked content PLN 50 mln for innovative drones by NCBR

On May 10, Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development announced the launch of a new sectoral program called INNOSBZ. Applicants will compete for a total pool of PLN 50 million. The aim of INNOSBZ is to support innovation in the Polish unmanned systems industry, which includes aircra...

Locked content Poland to have its own space agency

Polish parliament voted on Friday to approve setting up the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) with 434 votes in favor and only 3 votes against the motion. POLSA will coordinate the activities of Polish companies and scientists working in the space sector. Its main goal will be to help getting funds for va...

Set to innovate

Lena Kolarska-Bobinska, Poland’s science and higher education minister, talks with WBJ Observer about promoting innovation in the economy and increasing cooperation between universities, the academic community and business

Science funding: in need of a strategy

Professor Wojciech Bal is research group leader of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics in the Polish Academy of Sciences, and is a member of Obywatele Nauki (Citizens of Academia), a civic movement that promotes change in the scientific and academic environment.